Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Response to Day 11

Day 11 -

Niko had bad feelings about Robbie and Mr. Appleton from the start.  Robbie stepped in to say they needed to stay a little longer, but Mr. Appleton wanted to go to DIA to get evacuated and deliver letters to all of the kids' parents. 

That night they heard screaming, and they all ran over to see Sahalia, Robbie, and Astrid.  Sahalia was on Robbie's mattress and she was naked.  Robbie was trying to defend himself and grabbed the gun and shot Braydon in the shoulder.  Josie shot Robbie and killed him with the other gun. 

They talked to Sahalia.  She told them she wanted to go with him when he left, and he said he wanted her to be his girl friend.  Later Mr. Appleton died, and all the kids wanted Robbie.

Contributed by M.R.

Summaries of Day 10 ...

Day 10 -

When Mr. Appleton and Robbie showed up, Niko did not what them to stay.  They had a dog with them.  The kids gave the dog a bath, and they fed Mr. Appleton and Robbie food. 

Niko got mad and went in his room.  When some kids went to look for him, they discovered his drawings. 

Robbie fixed the bus.  He fixed the tire by putting tennis balls inside it and then patching the hole.  Niko finally said Robbie and Mr. Appleton could stay longer.

Contributed by B.J.W. & J.E.

Day 10 -

Robbie, Mr. Appleton, and their dog Luna showed up at the Greenway store.  Niko didn't trust them and wanted them gone in the morning.  Robbie started to fix the bus.

Contributed by E.W.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Day 9 Responses

Day 9 -

Dean and Jake get high.  Sahalia is throwing herself at the older boys.  Josie and Sahalia get into it. about Sahalia's behavior and dress.  Then Braydon asks to get high with them.

Contributed by D.M. & A.W. 3rd hour

Day 9 -

It's the day after the fight between Dean and Jake.  They tell the little kids Dean fell off the shelf, but he got beat up.  Then Dean and Jake get high so Braydon decides he wants to get high, too.

Sahalia goes to where the boys are, and she has on overalls with a lacy bra and underwear.  Josie sees it and thinks it's not okay and argues with them all.

Astrid goes into Dean's room and tells him to stop spying on her.  She then tells him to stop getting high and drunk and to be one of the good guys.

Contributed by A.T. & H.G. 1st hour

Day 8 Summaries

Day 8 -

Dean wakes up to Josie telling him they all have lice and must get their heads washed.

Sahalia, while "washing" her head, is trying to show off for the boys.  And, when I say showing off, I mean showing off her bits and pieces.

Contributed by T.S. & D.O. 1st hour

Day 8 -
In Day 8 Dean was still in a lot of pain from Jake hitting him.  Dean also still had a hangover from drinking.  Dean ended up telling Jake a lie to get him away from thinking he was spying on him and Astrid. 

Jake apologized for hitting him and gave him some painkillers that doubled as steroids.  Jake covered for Dean because everyone said he got beat up so he said Dean fell off a shelf.

Josie found out that people had lice and gave everyone a shower.  Sahalia was wearing clothes that were see-through while they were washing their hair so everyone could see everything.

Contributed by K.L. & M.M.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Day 7 summaries...

Day 7 -
In Day 7 a lady came to the gate and was frantically asking to get in, but they couldn't figure out how to let her in without letting the chemicals in.  The crazy guy outside the store ended up killing her, and Niko blamed himself for it.

They also were drinking rum to relieve all the stress and fear that was going on inside of them.

Contributed by S.N. & K.K.

Day 7 -
Day 7 was very eventful for the Monument 14 kids.  Some very crazy things happened.

A lady was at the back gates trying to get in the store.  They about let her in until the psychotic man came to the back and killed her.  Niko went crazy after he found out that the lady died and tore stuff down.

The boys decided to go get drunk after that tragic event.  But, when they got drunk, Dean accidently admitted that he saw Jake and Astrid having a sexual encounter.  Then a fight broke out between them.

That pretty much sums up the eventful day of Day 7.

Contributed by T.C. & G.S.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Our Views on Chemical Weapons

While reading MONUMENT 14, we had some interesting discussions about the pros and cons of using chemical weapons.  The kids in the store were is mortal danger because of the leak at NORAD.  Here are some of the argument writings done by members our classes.

     I'm for chemical weapons because they kill enemies with few "friendly" deaths.  Also, I'm for them because they don't always kill, such as tear gas is used for crowd control.
     Another reason I'm for chemical weapons is they give you an advantage in war.  Also, they can reveal enemy troops by killing vegetation.
     My final reason is that chemical weapons can stop wars fast.
     These are reasons why I advocate the use of chemical weapons.
Contributed by J.O.

     I think chemical weapons are bad.  Chemical weapons kill innocent people who shouldn't be a part of war.  It gives a military of minimal troops much power over an army with more troops.
     Chemicals in the wrong hands could cause chaos throughout the world.  Victims suffer severely and are not given a fair chance to fight back.  Also, the chemicals could effect the ecosystem in a certain area so crops would not grow causing all survivors no chance to survive.
     Chemicals could also kill innocent wildlife.  The was between humans shouldn't be taken out on defenseless animals that have nothing to do with war.
     Chemical compounds could cause mass violence in the world which is why I am against them.
Contributed by T.V.

     I believe chemical warfare would be a good thing.  It has the power to kill many people in just a short amount of time.
     Having chemical weapons has a lot of positive things that go along with it.  They help reduce the population quickly and easily.  They're a huge threat to many people causing them to have more power over others.  It's also good for us because we can drop the chemical without risking our own lives.  Also, chemicals like Agent Orange help wipe out plants making it harder for enemies to hide and easier for us to find them.
     That's why I think chemical warfare is a good thing.  It makes things a lot easier, and it doesn't risk the lives of our troops.
Contributed by M.P.

     I am against chemical weapons.  They may seem like a good idea to fight off an enemy, but what about when they're released on you.
     Chemical weapons kill off enemies fast; they can be cruel and painful.  Some people may not be affected by them at the time but could be as a long term effect.
     You may be thinking, oh I don't care as long as it doesn't effect me now, but what about in ten years when you're married and want to have kids and you can't.  Or you're left with severe scars that will never go away.  Or diagnosed with cancer.  This all could've been prevented.
     People who have made chemical weapons say the chemical weapon is secure and completely safe when contained.  When in reality all it takes is one fluke in their system and the chemical is released.  Families would be affected, babies, children, and survivors would be left with nothing if the chemical kills the nutrients in the soil.  Honestly, if anything ever happened like that, I wouldn't want to be a survivor.
Contributed by D.D.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Day 6 Excitement...

Day 6 -
In Day 6 Dean saw some things happen between Astrid and Jake that he probably shouldn't have.  However, we found out that Jake and Astrid aren't exactly strangers ...  They've either dated before or hooked up before.  Knowing this just kills Dean on the inside.  Also, we learned where Astrid's been hiding - the ceiling.

Contributed by J.S. & C.A. 3rd hour

Day 6 -
To start the day Dean and Batiste made some delicious pancakes.  Everyone loved them and ate as much as they wanted.  Batiste made sure he and Dean made enough so everyone could have thirds.

After breakfast Dean was bringing Astrid pancakes when he saw something he did not like.  He saw Jake and Astrid getting a little frisky.  Jake named Astrid's breasts after Disney princesses which through Dean a little off.

Dean was very mad because he liked Astrid and wanted her for himself.

Contributed by T.V. & N.S.